This is about the art of making things. To be inspired and to enjoy the experience to create something new—constantly. Finding new ways in Textile Design.

About Daily Pattern

The Daily Pattern is based on a research project that questions how you can base textile designs on real content. I want to use this blog as a platform and make it a work tool for documenting work in progress: constantly updated.

We live in a world surrounded by a permanent exchange of information. This has made the world smaller on one side, but also much more complex. I want to use the daily flow of news from the newspaper as an inspiration source for the design of home textiles. It is important to make visible the impact and changes, and then to transform them into textile patterns. Most of the time, textile design is approached from a purely aesthetic perspective. I want to make textiles that are not only stylish, but also have communicative functions. The designed product is the content itself. My goal is to design textiles that not only look good, but that go on a deeper level. The development of a collection should not only be beautiful but should be multi-level based. My concern is not just the production of a collection, but also the manner in which it is presented should be in accordance with the daily or changing aspect of the content of newspapers.

About me

Growing up in Luzern, Switzerland and graduated from the Art School in Basel 2004, I have worked at several well known design firms in the fields of  interior and fashion design, like Creation Baumann Switzerland, where I designed the Extravaganza collection. Went to the Philippines because I was curious to see the manufacture of Tara embroidery. There they produced the finest creations by hand. In the Netherlands, I did an internship at  textile designer Eugène van Veldhoven, a specialist in various printing techniques, coatings and surface treatments, designing new designs for his portfolio. I first turned back to the Netherlands because of work, and later love.

In Spring 2008 I worked freelance for Ulf Moritz and summer period of 2008 in Studio Müller van Tol, both in Amsterdam and beginning of 2009 for Oltmans van Niekerk, in the field of trend forecast; concept development, future colour cards and textile designs.

Currently I work for Vlisco as a design researcher and developer where I am responsible for setting up the new Innovation Department. Vlisco has been designing and producing since 1846 colorful fashion fabrics that form an essential part of the lively West and Central African culture. They are known for their Wax printing process which results in unique effects that makes the product so outstanding. Next to that I run my own studio Zara Atelj, in the Netherlands and find my inspiration mainly in materials and the beauty of nature. My natural sensitivity for materials, shapes, lines, curves, colors and tones give the design something unexpected, mainly interested in projects dealing with interior textiles. Contact me if you want to cooperate. Or find me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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